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Located in the vibrant heart of Reno, Nevada, TIS (Talage Insurance Services) emerges as an innovative leader in the insurance industry. We're not just another insurance wholesale agency. We position ourselves as a holistic solutions provider, championing the growth and success of independent agencies.TIS was born from a vision: to revolutionize the insurance landscape by forming a seamless link between agencies and elite carriers. Boasting partnerships with over 20 premier carriers, we grant direct access to prime insurance solutions, all without the pressure of overwhelming premium obligations.But our offerings don't stop at insurance. We're dedicated to elevating the operational prowess of insurance agencies. Our signature software, Wheelhouse, transforms the quote generation process. It offers real-time, automated quotes, doing away with the drudgery of duplicate data entry into multiple systems.Choosing to become a TIS member means diving into a reservoir of resources.


More importantly, you're embraced by a steadfast support network, wholly devoted to nurturing your growth. We're here to empower you, ensuring you uphold your agency's independence and dictate its trajectory.At TIS, innovation isn't just a buzzword—it's our mantra. We're zealous about pushing boundaries and crafting solutions tailored for your strategic expansion. Our dedication to boosting autonomy and igniting innovation distinguishes us. Embark on your journey with TIS and experience the monumental shift we can instigate in your insurance endeavors.

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